Starting from your project inputs, costs and market targets, we’ll show you how your new product could be with a new shape. Sketeches and 3D rendered images are produced in this phase and will be the beginning of the cooperation between us to find the perfect combination of style and your needs.


In this phase we develop the 3D surfaces of the concept design chosen to make you able to complete the rest of developement by your own technical office. The 3D surfaces can also be used to realise an aestethic prototype.


After 3D surfaces our team can give you the complete engineering of the product providing you the final 3D model and the 2D construction files of the project. If you instead want to develop a brand new product, we can support you to design it from zero thinking about style and feasibility at the same time.


At the end of the process, before starting the mass production, we can support you to realize a functional prototype.
With our network of proven suppliers, we can also produce thermoformed/injection plastic and metal sheet parts.

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